All photos are online!

The photos from today’s finals session have just been published.

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Comments will be appreciated.


Photos have been published!

I’ve uploaded photos from the two heats sessions, as well as yesterday’s finals session. Click on the links at the top or on the right to view them. You can also view them on my Facebook page at

I will be uploading today’s finals later this afternoon or this evening. 

If you would like higher resolution copies of any of the photos, let me know. 

2016 Grand Prix is upon us again!

I’m excited about this weekend’s SSA Grand Prix in Durban, and look forward to sharing my photos of most of the events on this blog once again.

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Thank you!

At the conclusion of this weekend’s Grand Prix meet in Durban, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to SSA and, in particular, the LOC of the meet, for giving me permission to take poolside photos of the meet.

It was an amazing experience for me, this being my first time photographing a swimming event.

Thank you to all the words of encouragement and support – I really appreciate it.

Hope to see you poolside again…

Neville Bailey


Welcome to my photo blog of this weekend’s SSA Grand Prix at King’s Park!

Let me say, at the outset, that I am not a professional photographer and this is not my career.

I am merely a passionate amateur photographer who is learning the ropes of photography as I go, and who has a keen interest in sports photography.

I do not charge for my photos, so you are welcome to download and distribute my photos as you wish. My only request is that you do not remove my watermark and that you acknowledge me as the photographer wherever you can.

If you have the urge to donate some money to me for my time and effort in capturing and processing these photos, please feel free to do so! My banking details are as follows:

Account Holder: N A Bailey
Bank: Nedbank
Branch Code: 164505
Account No: 1963288661

I can be contacted by email at